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   C.P.’s Message

I would like to compliment each one of you for making Delhi Police the best in the country. This would not have been possible without your hard work & sincerity. I seek your cooperation in further improving the image of Delhi Police. I feel proud to work with all of you as Commissioner of Police, Delhi.

People of Delhi have lot of expectations from us. We continue to face difficulties and challenges in day to day policing.

While discharging our duties we should ensure that our bias and prejudice particularly based on caste, class or religion does not influence our behavior. We have to discharge our duties with utmost sensitivity and professionalism.

My request to you is that apart from concentrating on serious offences, our focus should also be working out cases which commonly affect the lives of citizens. While doing so we will keep ourselves away from indecent acts and barbaric behavior.

There will be zero-tolerance to corruption.

We have to ensure that senior citizens, women, children, and vulnerable sections of the society feel ensure. We have to install fear in the minds of criminal and trust and confidence in common man. We have to deal with criminal firmly. None of our actions in doing so should damage the overall image of Delhi Police.

A constable is the backbone of policing in Delhi. I would expect supervisory Officers to regularly communicate with them. I will ensure that the concerns regarding leave, rest and permission of constables is taken care of.

I will also concentrate on improving barrack, mess and housing facilities for the constabulary.

I extend my heartiest best wishes to you and your family for successful discharge of duties in future.

Anyone of you can approach my office for any grievance.

Let us take Delhi Police to new heights and make Delhi a safe place to be.