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   Standing Orders & Circulars

Related to general-

Sr. No. Section subject
 1 411/2012 Modalities to keep complainants posted of development in cases/ complaints lodged by them under the scheme “AAPKA UPDATE”> Click Here
 2 428/2013 Functioning of command,control,coordination and communication Click Here

 Related to Police officers

S.No. Section          Subject
 1 65/2012 Detail procedure for handling of court cases in Delhi High Court,C.A.T. and Lower courts regarding all criminal & civil matters Including writ petitions, Original Application etc. Click Here
 2 82/2007 Procedure to be followed in investigation of criminal cases Click Here
 3 82/2012 Procedure to be followed in pairvi of court cases Click Here
 4 219/2010 Scientific aids to investigation by CFSLs/FSLs/GEQD – Instructions governing utilization of facilities offered by these institutions. Click Here
 5 Addendum to standing order no.219/2010 The following inclusion is made in the Standing Order No.219/10 issued vide Hdqrs. No.2401-2650/Record Branch/PHQ/AC-I dated 10.5.2010 at page No.8 under the head ‘DNA FINGER PRINTING” Click Here
 6 153/2013 Procedure for service of summons/warrants/court process and arrest, detention, bail of members of parliament /MLAs/MCLs-regarding Click Here
 7 161/2012 Submission of police report in parole/furlough cases Click Here
 8 Revised standing order no.252/09 Duties of police regarding missing persons and unidentified dead-bodies Click Here
 9 Addendum to standing order no.252/2010 On missing children Click Here
10 344 of 2008 Filling of charge sheet/final report and handing over &receipt of case files etc. Click Here
 11 401/2012. Dove-tailing of private security guards with police security Systems. Click Here
 12 .415/2012 Extra- Departmental influence in service matters. Click Here
 13 416/2013 Subsidiary central police canteen (SCPC),New Police Lines,Delhi Police Click Here
 14 417/2013 Guidelines for investigation of fake currency cases. Click Here
 15 418/2012 Procurement of official seals & case property sealing. Click Here
 16 421/20 Delhi Police Martyrs’ Fund Click Here
 17 425/2013 Delhi Police Retired Talent Scheme. Click Here

 Related to women

S.No Section Subject
 1 369/2013 Standing order for the selection of candidate  For appointment as Women Sub-Inspector (Executive)in Delhi police Click Here
 2 74-A Functioning of the Women Helpline Desk in CPCR Click Here
 3 93/89 Attendance, arrest, search and escort of women by police. Click Here
 4 303/2010 Regarding Guidelines to be followed by the Police while investigating cases of Rape Click Here
 5 98/89 Standing order regarding obscene literature and harmful Publications Click Here
 6 170/89 Check over eve-teasing. Click Here
 7 Amendment of 303/02 Amendment in standing order no. 303– regarding functioning Of rape crises intervention centres in police district of Delhi. Click Here
 8 303/09 Guidelines to be followed by the police while investigating Cases of rape Click Here
 9 303/2000 Functioning of Rape Crises Intervention Centres in Police Districts of Delhi and addendum v/o 40912-41011/C&T dt 18/07/2008 Click Here
 10 313/05 Standard Operating Procedure (Sop) for investigation of Rape Cases. Click Here
 11 359/10 Instruction reg. registration of cases u/s 363-I PC [Kidnapping]. Click Here
 12 389/10 Anti –Stalking Cell and Units in Delhi Police Click Here
 13 281 Special Police Unit Women and Children Click Here


S.No. Standing Order/Circular Download
1 CIRCULAR NO.30/2013 regarding inaction on complaints of harassment of women Click Here
2 Circular No.34/98 regarding formation of Sexual Harassment Committee Click here
3 Order regarding renaming of SPUW&C dated 04.03.2010 Click here
4 Circular No. 01/2012 Regarding Instructions with respect to victims of sexual offences/Rape etc. Click here
5 Circular No. 12/2011 Regarding Importance of proper linking of exhibits like clothes worn by the prosecution in Rape cases at the time of incident Click here
6 Circular No. 15/2012 Regarding DNA-Profile and Role of Forensic evidence in Rape Cases Click here
7 Circular No. 38/2010 Regarding P.V. Test/Finger Test conducted by the Doctors on the victims of sexual abuse and Rape Click here
8 Circular No. 40/2010 Regarding investigation of Rape cases to be conducted only by lady officer Click here
9 Circular No. 41/2012 Regarding Delay in visits by Counsellors in Rape Cases (RCIC) Click here
10 Circular No. 42/2012 Regarding Opposing bail of Rape accused in Courts by lawyers of the Delhi Commission for Women (RCIC) Click here
11 Circular No. 44/2011 Regarding Guidelines to be followed by the police while investigating incest Rape cases Click here
12 Circular No. 25/2002 Regarding Sexual harassment at work place Click here
13 Circular issued vide No. 61221-320/C&T/AC-V/PHQ, dated 3/9/2007 Regarding Guidelines laid down by the Honourable High Court of Delhi in case of a child subjected to sexual abuse Click here
14 Circular No. 53/2011 Regarding information of bail application of accused in Rape cases to victims. Click here
15 Standing Order No. 330/2008 Regarding Guidelines for Arrest and abused of Sections 498A/406 I PC Click here
16 Circular No. 48/2011 Regarding prior approval of the Addl. C.P/DCP concerned for the arrest U/S 406/498A IPC Click here